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A Fairy Tea Party

This is by far my favorite party we’ve done.  I don’t know if I can top it and I don’t know if I will ever have the energy to try. My sweet girl had a good time and that makes me so happy. When I asked her what her favorite part was she replied, “the cupcakes, gifts, scavenger hunt, and cupcakes.” So…next year maybe just a scavenger hunt and some cupcakes? 🙂

I just love this party table. Each place setting had a fairy, a fairy house, fairy dust bottle and a set of wings. The centerpiece I made using an old candelabra and tea cups and saucers. I can’t find the tutorial I used.

The boys got a guy fairy at their place.

Upon arrival each fairy found her own tutu hanging on the line. The tutu’s had a name tag with them. The boys found a peter pan hat with their name tags hanging on the line.

After finding their tutu and wings a visit to the Pixie Parlor was in order to get all fairy dusted up, pick out a flower headband, and a butterfly fairy wand.

Garland tutorial found here.

After visiting the Pixie Parlor our activities included filling a bottle with Fairy Dust, going on a scavenger hunt for things to decorate their Fairy House, and decorating the Fairy Houses.

Tea Party Menu:

Enchanted Tutti-Frutti Tea

Pink Princess Mini Cupcakes

Fruit and Muffins en Brochette

Bitsy Bacon and Cheese Rolls (not shown since they were served warm from the oven)

Fairy Princess Fruity Toast

all recipes came from this cookbook

Favors were the tutus, wings, headbands,fairy wand, fairies, fairy house and fairy dust. The boys took home peter pan hats, boy fairy pez dispenser, fairy house, fairy dust and in my nephews case his own set of “tooth fairy wings”.




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Fairies the Birthday Girl and I made for her party using this tutorial. So much fun! Each little fairy took one home.

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Party Planning

My daughter is turning 4 soon *sniff, sniff* and has requested a Fairy Tea Party. I have been planning and crafting  for awhile now and am having tons of fun with this theme. I can’t wait to see it all come together. I am hoping our home will be transformed into a dreamy place where fairies frolic and giggle.


This is my favorite tea party. I love all the vintage touches and am hoping the tea party part of our party looks a little like this.  I am planning on making my birthday girl her own tea cup cupcake stand. I am also loving all the tags  labeling everything. I have already made some glittery versions for our little fairies. Check out all the great pictures and inspiration here.


Now for the Fairy part of the party I have found inspiration in these great party photos.  I love these bottles waiting to be filled with magic fairy dust. I think I need to start hunting for vintage bottles. For more lovely party photos go here.

Here is another great fairy party with tons of inspiration and do-it-yourself ideas. We have already made some of the fairies to hang at our party and send home with the party guests and I think I will make the sparkly play dough for the favors.

Love this! Every little girl needs a place to transform into a fairy. I also like the flower headbands enough to maybe make them instead of ribbon and flower hair garlands. For more from this party check here. Notice all the indoor furniture brought outdoors. I love that! If only we lived somewhere warm year round…

I would really like to have these for the girls.  Hopefully I will have time and patience to try them out.

Whew! I better go and get busy on these projects still needing to be finished.




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Tristan Turns One

My nephew, Tristan, turned one recently and I helped his mommy and daddy throw a great party. They live several states away so we were happy when they came home to share his big day with us. The theme was Big Red since that is what his daddy calls him due to his red hair. The theme was supposed to include balls since Tristan loves balls, but somehow I didn’t get balls into the mix. Oops

There is something nice about a homemade cake. Lots of love goes into the baking and the decorating. I prefer the taste of a homemade cake over a store bought cake any day! Actually, until my mom started baking my kids birthday cakes for me (and this one) I didn’t think I was a big cake fan. Now I know I just prefer a homemade one.

Tristan’s own smash cake. He like it 🙂

Fondant is great to work with. Pretty easy, just roll it out and cut out your desired shape. I used a sharp knife to cut the one for the big cake and the T for the smash cake. No template needed.

Another easy decoration. I downloaded a flash card template and typed ones and phrases, printed them on card stock and cut them out. For these I stuffed tissue paper in the bottom of little red cups, stuck in the pin wheels in the tissue paper and attached the one flash cards with hot glue.

On the flash cards I highlighted the T’s in red to emphasize the color and the birthday boy’s initial.

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A 50th Birthday

My SIL’s mother recently turned 50. I had the honor of helping out with the party details. She wanted an Asian influence in the decorations. This is not my usual style so I was excited for the challenge of thinking outside my norm.  The party was held at a local restaurant and we just incorporated our theme into the centerpieces and cake. While I had to come late due to work, I heard the surprise went well!

Our centerpieces were these flowers in jars with pieces of Asian inspired fabric squares in the middle of each table. Pretty fun if I do say so 🙂

Here is what the cake looked like. Made by my mom.

These were the party favors set at each place setting.

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A Birthday Celebration

My son recently turned 2. There is a lot going on in our lives right now so I made the difficult decision to keep his birthday simple. By simple I mean not at our house, no friends, and a small budget. I had a fun theme already picked out, but I am thinking of maybe having a friend party in a few months when this busy time has calmed. There is no rule that says a child’s birthday must be celebrated in his birth month is there?

Since we went to a play place with grandparents I made my motto, just because it’s at a play place doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Although the table tops were tacky, the carpet yucky, and the walls too bright I think I made it work for our small group.

Our table had a table cloth, a picture of the birthday boy, a number 2 and of course the cake. Simple and personal.

Favors were sugar cookies shaped like stars and the number 2.


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