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This and That

I love Valentine’s Day. Not the commercialized version where you must go out to dinner and buy red roses, and be forced to be romantic one day a year. I am a romantic and I think it’s fun to celebrate the ones you love in little ways. Nathan and I usually order take out and rent a movie. This is enough for me. A cozy dinner and snuggling up to watch a movie is perfect. This year I think I might make a special dinner for my family. After all I love all of them not just my hubby! I will have to look for fun ideas.

I did see these and am thinking about making them with my kids so they can give them to their friends and teachers.

check out the tutorial here

I may need to make a little something for my friends too. Maybe a flower pin? Any ideas of cute friends valentines?

I made Lydia a really cute flower hairbow Sunday night. I will have to show you soon. I made it using pinks and whites and cut a felt heart out for the middle. I love it and so does she. I used this tutorial.


On a different topic I made this for dinner last night and yum, yum, yum! So good.

go here for the recipe

I used the homemade  Teriyaki sauce and made the Lime- Cilantro Rice with Pineapple for a side. It was not hard and super tasty. I also did feel pretty cool making my own teriyaki sauce (even if it was easy).


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Fairies the Birthday Girl and I made for her party using this tutorial. So much fun! Each little fairy took one home.

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Party Planning

My daughter is turning 4 soon *sniff, sniff* and has requested a Fairy Tea Party. I have been planning and crafting  for awhile now and am having tons of fun with this theme. I can’t wait to see it all come together. I am hoping our home will be transformed into a dreamy place where fairies frolic and giggle.


This is my favorite tea party. I love all the vintage touches and am hoping the tea party part of our party looks a little like this.  I am planning on making my birthday girl her own tea cup cupcake stand. I am also loving all the tags  labeling everything. I have already made some glittery versions for our little fairies. Check out all the great pictures and inspiration here.


Now for the Fairy part of the party I have found inspiration in these great party photos.  I love these bottles waiting to be filled with magic fairy dust. I think I need to start hunting for vintage bottles. For more lovely party photos go here.

Here is another great fairy party with tons of inspiration and do-it-yourself ideas. We have already made some of the fairies to hang at our party and send home with the party guests and I think I will make the sparkly play dough for the favors.

Love this! Every little girl needs a place to transform into a fairy. I also like the flower headbands enough to maybe make them instead of ribbon and flower hair garlands. For more from this party check here. Notice all the indoor furniture brought outdoors. I love that! If only we lived somewhere warm year round…

I would really like to have these for the girls.  Hopefully I will have time and patience to try them out.

Whew! I better go and get busy on these projects still needing to be finished.




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Gift Idea

Here is a gift I gave to a friend this Christmas. I think it is fun and creative. It was also inexpensive. A gift should be about showing someone you care not about how much you spent!

A vintage silver tray chalk board.

I started with a vintage silver tray picked up at a thrift store. The tray had some tarnished spots on it but I left it that way because I like that look and this friend and I share a love of vintage. I sanded the area I planned on painting to rough it up so the chalk board paint would adhere better. Then I taped the edges, this was difficult because of the shape of the tray. I did end up with some imperfect edges, but they weren”t too bad. I then painted one coat of the chalk board paint onto the tray. I used spray paint. After that dried I sprayed a second coat. Once it was dry I removed the tape set a candle with her inital on the tray and wrapped it all with this vintage looking ribbon. For the final touch I added the cute twinkle tag that coordinated with the white, silver, black color scheme. Cute, Cute, Cute! Now she can use this  wherever she would like and write little messages on it. I love it 🙂


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