Tristan Turns One

My nephew, Tristan, turned one recently and I helped his mommy and daddy throw a great party. They live several states away so we were happy when they came home to share his big day with us. The theme was Big Red since that is what his daddy calls him due to his red hair. The theme was supposed to include balls since Tristan loves balls, but somehow I didn’t get balls into the mix. Oops

There is something nice about a homemade cake. Lots of love goes into the baking and the decorating. I prefer the taste of a homemade cake over a store bought cake any day! Actually, until my mom started baking my kids birthday cakes for me (and this one) I didn’t think I was a big cake fan. Now I know I just prefer a homemade one.

Tristan’s own smash cake. He like it πŸ™‚

Fondant is great to work with. Pretty easy, just roll it out and cut out your desired shape. I used a sharp knife to cut the one for the big cake and the T for the smash cake. No template needed.

Another easy decoration. I downloaded a flash card template and typed ones and phrases, printed them on card stock and cut them out. For these I stuffed tissue paper in the bottom of little red cups, stuck in the pin wheels in the tissue paper and attached the one flash cards with hot glue.

On the flash cards I highlighted the T’s in red to emphasize the color and the birthday boy’s initial.


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One response to “Tristan Turns One

  1. Kristal

    So cute. I love the theme. Thanks for the ‘tuck away’ idea πŸ™‚
    p.s. I have that cake stand/punch bowl!

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