A Birthday Celebration

My son recently turned 2. There is a lot going on in our lives right now so I made the difficult decision to keep his birthday simple. By simple I mean not at our house, no friends, and a small budget. I had a fun theme already picked out, but I am thinking of maybe having a friend party in a few months when this busy time has calmed. There is no rule that says a child’s birthday must be celebrated in his birth month is there?

Since we went to a play place with grandparents I made my motto, just because it’s at a play place doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. Although the table tops were tacky, the carpet yucky, and the walls too bright I think I made it work for our small group.

Our table had a table cloth, a picture of the birthday boy, a number 2 and of course the cake. Simple and personal.

Favors were sugar cookies shaped like stars and the number 2.



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3 responses to “A Birthday Celebration

  1. Simple but darling, Carri. Great job. You are so creative. The cake is wonderful! I bet it was a really fun-low key-time! Those are needed now and then.

  2. I love it! Where did you find that “Thanks” print? I could really use that and I love how elegant it looks. Once I can afford it, I would LOVE to put you to work on some of my parties!

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