Gift Idea

Here is a gift I gave to a friend this Christmas. I think it is fun and creative. It was also inexpensive. A gift should be about showing someone you care not about how much you spent!

A vintage silver tray chalk board.

I started with a vintage silver tray picked up at a thrift store. The tray had some tarnished spots on it but I left it that way because I like that look and this friend and I share a love of vintage. I sanded the area I planned on painting to rough it up so the chalk board paint would adhere better. Then I taped the edges, this was difficult because of the shape of the tray. I did end up with some imperfect edges, but they weren”t too bad. I then painted one coat of the chalk board paint onto the tray. I used spray paint. After that dried I sprayed a second coat. Once it was dry I removed the tape set a candle with her inital on the tray and wrapped it all with this vintage looking ribbon. For the final touch I added the cute twinkle tag that coordinated with the white, silver, black color scheme. Cute, Cute, Cute! Now she can use this  wherever she would like and write little messages on it. I love it 🙂



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4 responses to “Gift Idea

  1. carri

    Thank you, Kristal!

  2. I really liked this idea. How big was the tray? I loved the twinkle tag too!

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