Christmas Decorations

Well, I guess I should get my decoration pictures posted before it’s Valentines Day! This year I went very minimal which is unusual. I think because I have so much going on in my life right now I wanted a more simple look and less time consuming decorations. I do think they looked so pretty and sparkly which was exactly what I was hoping for.

Here is my mantle.

A wintery wreath hung in the middle with vintage tarnished ornaments sitting on crystal candle sticks. I strung a garland of glass glittered snowflakes across the mantle. I have had this for a couple of years and the glass is starting to get that tarnished look. Love it! I added votives in between the candle sticks which burned during the two celebrations we hosted. The reflection of the flames in the mirror was a nice touch.

Here is the top of my china cabinet.

Christmas tree candles, pink vintage ornaments in a cut glass bowl that belonged to my grandma, church ornament, mini pink and aqua bell ornaments in small glass bowl.

A table top

Vintage ornaments in apothecary jars.

Love this old wooden church.

coffee table:

Glittered star ornaments on a pewter cake pedestal.

One more fun one.



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4 responses to “Christmas Decorations

  1. I somehow missed this…
    looks so lovely! I love our decor for Christmas but then I see this I am torn! =) So pretty and great photos!

    • carri

      Thanks Kristal. Your decor is great. I like the more traditional look. I am always debating buying the kids some pottery barn stockings.

  2. amazing Christmas decor, Carri! Its stunning! Your mantle and apothacary jar were my favorites.

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