Doll Party

In November my daughter turned 3. We had a doll themed party in her honor. It was so cute! I had such a blast planning out all the details and making all the decorations. I tried to keep it simple and inexpensive. Here are the details for you to enjoy.

Her special birthday mantel. I made the banner out of scrap book paper. For the flower shapes I traced a cookie cutter. For the letters I printed the words with the font enlarged and traced them onto the paper. I used stickers to embellish in between the words, made the slits with scissors and slide a ribbon in them.

For the framed number 3 I drew the number by hand on scrap book paper and attatched it to another piece of scrap book paper cut to fit the frame. I painted the frame with pink spray paint I found on my shelf and added a cupcake and balloon sticker. The frame was one I had in my storage space. Really cheap and easy decoration. I found the inspiration for this project here.

These are the invitations we made. They were a lot of  fun but very time consuming! I do think they turned out so cute. I printed the template here from Martha Stewart’s website. I traced the template onto pink cardstock then cut out dresses from more scrap book paper. My daughter and I embellished with buttons and jewels we bought from the craft store (Hobby Lobby). I felt like they needed an extra touch so I added some lace trim from my late Grandma’s sewing supplies. Definitely the perfect finishing touch.

The goodie bags and party hats. I picked up a pack of simple goodie bags at Hobby Lobby and had wanted to add a cut out paper doll shape to the front with each girls name, but ran out of time. I made the party hats by buying a pack of cartoon themed ones (all I could find) and covering them with scrap book paper (surprise!). I then added a pom pom to the top. I had the pom poms from last years party. Very cheap and easy! Oh, I also added a sticker to the front of each one that had a simple pink 3 on it. To make those I printed the 3’s onto round labels.

Princess and I had fun making these marshmallow pops the night before. I found a tutorial here. Ours were not as fancy as these, but they still tasted good! Plus Princess had so much fun making them. I couldn’t find pink m&m’s so I used strawberry whoppers on dark chocolate and strawberry marshmallows. We stuck them into a piece of floral foam in a trifle bowl and filled it with extra whoppers.

Loved how the cupcake tower turned out! I hot glued ribbon around the edges. I found ribbon at Hobby Lobby for 50 percent off while I was buying all the paper for the party.  I also bought the wooden 3 there and attached scrap book paper to it and secured it to the top of the tower with stick-um candle adhesive. Each party guests cupcake had a little wooden girl in it. I painted a dress onto them and glued on yarn hair.  Adorable! Here is the recipe for the cupcakes which were very tasty. And here is the recipe for the frosting which is awesome!!! There was some pink added to both the cupcakes and frosting of course, since that was the request of the birthday girl.

The other food served was PBJ’s shaped like dolls (gingerbread girl cookie cutter), fruit and veggie tray, and chocolate covered pretzel rods with pink sprinkles.

That same night we celebrated with family.  I used the same cake and frosting recipes and made a cake. I was really inspired by this picture so I bought some wooden dolls at, you guessed it, Hobby Lobby, and painted them myself. Now, don’t look too closely and see the flaws! I do think they looked very sweet on the cake.

Umm…is that not the cutest little doll ever? My friend’s little sister hand made enough dolls for each guest and they got to stuff their own doll. I found foam hearts for them to put in the dolls too. So cute! I think they really enjoyed making a doll and my friend was there to stitch up for us. Our other activities were bracelet making, coloring a paper doll to take home and playing with their personal dolls brought with them from home. We brought out the kitchen set and all the doll stuff for the girls to play with. I found a paper doll template online that I had printed on card stock.

Here was the special doll themed birthday dress my Mom made. Thank you!

This party was easy and very homemade just like I like. It does take time to make everything and I had to get especially creative since there isn’t really much out there on doll parties. My favorite party so far for sure!



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3 responses to “Doll Party

  1. it turned out darling, Carri!

  2. Adorable party! What’s funny is I have the SAME curtains upstairs in my studio that you have on your door!! 🙂

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