Shopping Savannah

One of the things I was looking forward to while in Savannah was shopping!  I had heard of a few great places to shop and let me tell you they did not disappoint!  I had so much fun!

My first stop was at The Paris Market.  So much to look at.  I wanted one of everything.  Oh how I love this place!

IMG_8110 (Small)Excited to have found it.  Even the outside is neat.

IMG_8113 (Small)

IMG_8121 (Small)

IMG_8126 (Small)

IMG_8137 (Small)

IMG_8138 (Small)

IMG_8144 (Small)

IMG_8148 (Small)

IMG_8152 (Small)

IMG_8158 (Small)

IMG_8205 (Small)

IMG_8224 (Small)

IMG_8229 (Small)

Sigh…lots of inspiration.  Well, I now feel the need to get up and do something productive about making my home more beautiful.


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