Lady and Sons

While in Savannah, we had to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant.  It is quite the ordeal to dine there!

IMG_8281 (Small)This is the crowd we waited with for seating at our 5:00 reservation!  After, my husband waited in line for 45 minutes that morning in a line that wrapped around the block to put our name on the list.  I say it is worth it.  The locals seem a little put off by the hoopla surrounding the restaurant.  My impression was they thought it had become too commercialized.  They had all great things to say about Paula though.  Savannahians like to be more authentic.  And I have to say they are as is their beautiful city.  One of kind and wonderful.

IMG_8286 (Small)Here is my husbands plate after helping himself to the buffet.  We are not big buffet people (spoon licking, sneezing ect.  yuck!) but, we were so hungry after eating only a little all day in anticipation of some good southern food.  Yes, my plate was just as full.  Judge me if you want.  Everything was delicious!  Everything!  We still talk about it.  Even the sweet tea with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint was perfect.  The restaurant smelled like my grandma’s house at meal time.  She is a southern lady herself.  Made us feel right at home.  So, you must try it out if you are in Savannah.  Let me know if you liked as much as I did.


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